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Voice mail – It’s so Passé

In my efforts to find out all I could about collaboration, I discovered that only 18 percent of people check their voicemail. I thought that was shocking.

Both Coca-Cola and JP Morgan Chase actually removed voicemail systems, as no one was checking them.…

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What Exactly Are You Collaborating On? Is It Safe?

The average enterprise collaborates with 72 business partners via OneDrive and SharePoint Online, according to Skyhigh Networks. That’s quite a few.

Is collaboration safe? May sound like a stupid question, but this subject seems to be overlooked in the growing world of vendors and analyst reports.…

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The Fall of Email?

Everyone loves email, except if you are a Millennial – that’s someone between 20 and 40 years old. Why are there so many of us old fogies out there? Texting is in. My issue is that the words are too small to read on my phone and my fingers don’t work, and I am an expert typist.…

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