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Poor Yammer, Lost and Now Found – We Think

1LostandFound - Poor Yammer, Lost and Now Found – We ThinkYammer was acquired by Microsoft back in 2012, for the mere paltry sum of $1.2 billion dollars. The reason given was to compete with, Oracle, and IBM. Unfortunately that hasn’t happened yet.…

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Throw it against the wall and see if it sticks

1ThrowWall - Throw it against the wall and see if it sticksMicrosoft recently made senior executive changes, which I can’t comment on. According to the press release: “In an email to employees Wednesday (June 17th), Microsoft Corp.…

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Microsoft's Interesting Migration Approach

1Run - Microsoft's Interesting Migration ApproachWe all know that eventually, unless a miracle occurs, Microsoft will continue to push Office 365 until every organization, large and small will be using it. I just read an excellent article by Joe Shepley, published in CMS Wire.…

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Delving into the Details – Benefit or Distraction?

Microsoft has been escalating their focus on Delve, and everywhere you look, if you are into Microsoft, Delve is the next best thing since sliced bread. For those living in a bubble, Delve is a productivity tool to help people work in new and more connected ways.…

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ShareSquared and Concept Searching Form Partnership

Concept Searching is pleased to announce that ShareSquared has entered into a partnership agreement with Concept Searching. ShareSquared delivers superior technology solutions that enable our customers to solve business problems pragmatically and cost-effectively.…

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Bye Bye SharePoint – You can't say you weren't warned!

Bye Bye SharePointI read an excellent Gartner document entitled, ‘Redefine Microsoft’s Role in Your Web Strategy as SharePoint Moves to the Cloud’. Access to the document requires you to be a Gartner client.…

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Google Apps or Office 365? Cloud Adoption Rate – The answer may surprise you.

Organizations are increasingly reluctant moving to the cloud because of security issues, regardless if they have their heart set on Google Apps or Office 365. According to Bitglass, a Microsoft and Google partner, cloud adoption is advancing at a much slower rate than initially predicted.…

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Concept Searching Announces Support for OneDrive for Business

Concept Searching has extended its product offering to deliver information governance, compliance, and policy enforcement for enterprises using Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business.…

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Concept Searching Seeking North American Channel Manager

Concept Searching is seeking Entrepreneurial North American Channel Manager to join the market leading metadata generation, auto-classification and Taxonomy/Term Store management vendor in the SharePoint ecosystem.…

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Microsoft and Concept Searching Webinar – Search and Information Governance

I rarely do a blatant product pitch, but Microsoft and Concept Searching are hosting a joint one hour webinar on Tuesday, February 18th. The Microsoft Senior Product Manager of Enterprise Search will join us to discuss the current movement to the cloud, roadmap for SharePoint search, and we will tie in Information Governance issues in both environments such as search, records management, security, and migration.…

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