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Hackers? Oh, We Have an Open Door Policy

I have often seen recommendations to ‘think like a cybercriminal’ in relation to protecting your organization from data breaches. It appears that this is not happening.…

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Content Governance – Can You Really Fix the Problem?

Do you treat your content as data or as information? This may seem like a stupid question, but there are many organizations that do not understand that their content is an asset, so has value and needs to be managed in the same way their business applications.…

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Just the Facts – Auto-classification and Taxonomies

Most of our prospects understand the term auto-classification. Not all, understand taxonomies. And most, don’t understand how the two technologies drive business processes. The presentation will focus on the types of technologies that leverage metadata, auto-classify content, and taxonomies.…

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Auto-classification – sure, I get it! Congrats you are one of the few.

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A white paper published by AIIM,  that we co-sponsored, Automating Information Governance, and substantiated through our own SharePoint and Office 365 Metadata Survey finds many people just don’t understand auto-classification and taxonomies and how it drives business processes.…

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Content Enrichment – Is it a component of Knowledge Acquisition?

It sometimes seems that knowledge management professionals can disagree with the basic meaning of ‘knowledge management’. Even though the term has been bounced around since the early 1990’s it doesn’t seem that there is one size that fits all.…

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The Human Dimension – Strength or Weakness?

The human dimension is probably an organization’s biggest weakness and its biggest strength. From an information access perspective, ultimately people are the end users of information and interpret the information available to make decisions.…

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