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SharePoint Term Store Management Made Easy – No really!

In our annual surveys, we’ve watched the use of Managed Metadata Services and use of the Term Store grown incrementally and slowly. This years’ survey showed the biggest jump, primarily focusing on managing content lifecycle management.…

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Taxonomies in SharePoint – Boon or Bust?

Managed Metadata Services, the term store, and term sets, are pretty basic for those few who are quite savvy with taxonomies. For those who aren’t, the whole process is somewhat unclear.…

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Concept Searching Announces Launch of New Webcast Series

Concept Searching is pleased to announce a new webcast series focusing on metadata management in SharePoint and Office 365. The series was developed to provide viewers with an understanding of the issues of metadata management in Microsoft products, and how to leverage the native features from a best practices point of view.

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Managed Metadata Maturity and Methodologies: Enterprise Information Management in SharePoint 2010

Learn from companies who have already launched SharePoint 2010. This session will feature a number of case studies from guest speakers who will share how they leveraged the Term Store and Managed Metadata Services in their SharePoint 2010 implementations.…

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conceptClassifier for SharePoint 2010 A Comprehensive Approach to Enterprise Metadata Management

SharePoint 2010 provides enterprise metadata management delivered through the term store. Augmenting this functionality, conceptClassifier for SharePoint provides additional capabilities to provide a comprehensive and robust solution.…

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