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Collaboration - Records Management

Email and Collaboration Risk for Records Managers

In a previous blog, we explored how the growing need to capture social site content and track it as records is now another layer of complexity that records managers must contend with.…

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Concerned about compliance? Plan for the great purge.

Compliance is becoming more complicated and time consuming. More than 100,000 international laws and regulations are potentially relevant to Forbes Global 1000 companies. It’s no wonder that more and more organizations are facing non-compliance issues and more litigation.…

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Ok – doctor or lawyer? I say lawyer and hope I don’t get sick!

I had to at least peek at an article authored by Lucas Mearian, simply because of the title, ‘Lawyers smell blood in electronic medical records‘, published in ComputerWorld.…

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Be Happy You are Not Responsible for the Security of this.

Do you know every 60 seconds there are:

  • 98,000+ Tweets
  • 11 million instant messages
  • 698,445 Google searches
  • 168+ million emails sent
  • 1,820TB of data created
  • 217 New mobile users

What’s my point?…

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How Much Dark Data is Out There? Do you care?

Dark data, the new darling term of the analysts, could just be called junk, stuff, garbage, but dark data does have a rather romantic ring to the term. Some organizations keep everything, just in case.…

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Concept Searching and PPC Webinar on a New Approach to Information Governance

Registration Now Open for September 17th Webinar Exploring an Accountability Framework to Avoid Non-Compliance and Litigation 

Concept Searching and PPC are sponsoring a webinar on September 17th at 11:30 a.m.…

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The Challenge of Cloud – Social

In an AIIM research study, Information governance – records, risks and retention in the litigation age, one of the subjects discussed is the management of social content. The big push by the likes of Microsoft for the cloud (Office 365) and social/collaboration type tools is opening a big gap in information governance.…

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Security Risks Associated with Social Media within an Organization

There are considerable risks associated with social media. The biggest I think is the security and potential exposures of confidential information that should be protected. It combines not only what employees do at work with social media applications but also on their ‘personal time’ using social media from the workplace.…

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Opening a Pandora’s Box – Collaboration, Social, and Litigation

I was reading an article about best practices in compliance as it pertains to eDiscovery and litigation. It was a good article and written in English, not legalize. This led me to ask the question if collaboration, social type enterprise tools have not really caught on is there a link to non-compliance and litigation exposures?…

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Information Governance – Nice idea but we really don't care.

As a vendor we push the importance of information governance, not that we sell information governance just provide technologies that help. So information governance is something we believe all companies should be taking the time to thoughtfully plan, deploy, and manage.…

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