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Data Dumping

Data Dumping and Ethics – the New eDiscovery Problem

I don’t typically write about those in the legal industry. I think of them as seemingly sometimes chasing their tails, pursuing the promises of new technologies such as artificial intelligence.…

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Social Media – Do you know your liabilities? What are you doing about security?

Security in the cloud is a consistently discussed topic. But what about your social media activities? How do you train your users, identify non-sanctioned information, and what is your damage control plan?…

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Time to Tighten Your Belts – Would you rather be safe or sorry?

According to Osterman Research, 95% of business users primarily communicate via email. Of emails sent, 98% were sent with attachments. Secure? Highly doubtful. Mobile devices and BYOD, has unlocked a hornets nest and has put security of confidential information at risk.…

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eDiscovery and Search – a $42.1 Billion Problem

According to Robert Hilson, Director at Logikull, a discovery automation platform company, in his recent blog, ‘How much does eDiscovery cost the US every year? He calculated the costs of eDiscovery, and the result is mind boggling.…

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Bradley Arant Boult Cummings to Deploy conceptClassifier

Concept Searching welcomes Bradley Arant Boult Cummings (BABC) as a new client. Bradley Arant Boult Cummings will be deploying conceptClassifier for SharePoint to assist with the clean up, tagging, classifying, and migration of content.…

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Covenant Technology Partners, LLC Joins Concept Searching Partner Team

Concept Searching is pleased to announce a partnership has been formed between Concept Searching and Covenant Technology Partners, LLC. Covenant Technology Partners, LLC is a leading information technology consulting firm that helps clients plan their investments in technology, design and implement solutions that drive competitive advantage, and manage critical projects to successful return.…

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The NSA Doesn’t Have the Technology to Search Their Own eMails?

Why does this not surprise me? The NSA is considered a supercomputing powerhouse, and the speed of their hardware is measured in thousands of trillions of operations per second. I say that deserves a ‘wow’.…

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We have been victimized by a hacktivist 416 days ago!

The US Congress is dangling its toes in the water towards requiring companies to admit they have been hacked. The proposal regarding data breaches is a component of a larger draft bill being circulated in the House Judiciary Committee.…

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World's Largest Single Practice Law Firm Using conceptClassifier for SharePoint

Fragomen, the world’s largest single practice law firm, has deployed Sysero KMS from UC Logic, a Concept Searching partner. Sysero KMS was developed using Concept Searching technologies and provides a powerful knowledge management solution to companies, such as legal firms, that place high value on content.…

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Fortune 200 Company Renews License for 7th Consecutive Year

A Fortune 150 companys business division specializing in business process, document management, and litigation support services has renewed licensing for Concept Searching technologies for an additional three year term.…

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