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Text Mining

Text Mining – Getting to the Minutiae

Big data is still high on the radar for many organizations. Text mining not so much, yet 80 percent of business decisions are made using unstructured content. It holds a wealth of information that typically remains hidden.…

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Concept Searching Platinum Sponsor of SharePoint Fest DC

Concept Searching is pleased to return as Platinum Sponsor of SharePoint Fest in Washington DC, taking place April 8th-10th at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center. Demonstrations on Booth B2 will explain why Concept Searching technology platforms have become the industry choice for managing unstructured and semi-structured content.…

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Knowledge Management – What goes around comes around

Knowledge Management almost seems like a retro word from the past to me. Once, it was all the rage, and I am going back quite a while. Of course, at that time, none of us selling it had any true idea what it was, and, there were really no tools available.…

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Bye bye Baby Boomers – Don’t be left without the right answer

Many industries are facing the loss of knowledge workers and are challenged with capturing the inherent expertise gained from years of employee experience. For many industries it is suggested that they will be impacted greatly as the workforce transitions.…

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Collaboration – Knowledge Dissemination for the Future?

The primary business benefits of the collaboration and the dissemination of knowledge are also accompanied by inherent weaknesses. There are several concerns, such as security, unauthorized use, and communication noise.…

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Information or Innovation?

I just started thinking about this topic so please feel free to comment. At a basic level, organizations must provide information – to staff, third parties, government, etc. So information is essentially a given that IT must provide, maintain, and hopefully improve.…

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Increasing Knowledge Workers or Automating Knowledge Work?

According to the 2010 McKinsey Global survey, “Economic Conditions Snapshot,” knowledge workers have driven more than 70 percent of the economic growth in the U.S. over the past three decades, and 85 percent of the new jobs created in the past decade required complex knowledge skills.

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Content Enrichment – Is it a component of Knowledge Acquisition?

It sometimes seems that knowledge management professionals can disagree with the basic meaning of ‘knowledge management’. Even though the term has been bounced around since the early 1990’s it doesn’t seem that there is one size that fits all.…

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Hey Big Data – Take a Bath!

I realize I am starting to sound like a broken record in regards to my growing disdain over the hype about ‘Big Data’. We only deal with big data from an aspect of unstructured content so any comments are limited to that use of the term.…

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Knowledge Management 40 years later and where are we now?

The past 40 years have seen radical changes in the knowledge management landscape from a technology viewpoint. From the creation of the printing press over five centuries ago, knowledge management has been shaped by the evolution of technology.…

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