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Records Management – It’s All the Fault of the End Users

According to a statistic from Prism International, 67 percent of data loss in records management is due to end user error. All I have is the statistic and no additional information. But if we can agree that the percentage is high and don’t doubt the validity, we can put a stake in the ground for discussion purposes.…

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The Trend Towards Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions in SharePoint

The development of an intelligent enterprise metadata framework provides flexibility, and enables organizations to implement governance policies and operations incrementally, with each step directly correlated to business value.…

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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. What is ‘good’ metadata?

I have talked about metadata quite a bit, which makes sense as that is on of our core technologies. In another blog I concentrated on ‘metadata truth‘. Organizations can experience a myriad of problems caused by ‘poor’ metadata.…

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