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Enterprise Search

Your Data Is Your Competitive Advantage, If You Can Find It

An organization’s data is a unique asset. Its specific data does not exist anywhere else, it can’t be purchased, and it can’t be replaced. It is the memory of the organization, and without it, business would come to a standstill, decisions would not be made, and the doors would shut.…

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Information Transparency

Reuse and Repurpose – What’s that?

I could write blogs until the age of 110 about the impact of poor search. In my humble opinion, search is bad and we all know it. I think the plan is to have our personal assistants find information for us, but more about that in another blog.…

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Transparency and Accountability in Content Information Governance

Unstructured and semi-structured content assets have value. One way or another there is a cost involved in the creation and lifecycle management of these assets. There is also value in the ability to sell and barter some of these assets (i.e.…

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U.S. Army Global Knowledge Initiative

The U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) has selected the full suite of Concept Searching technologies to underpin its Global Knowledge initiative. The multi-million dollar five year agreement will eventually see Concept Searching’s technology suite fully deployed and integrated with SharePoint 2010 across both the classified and un-classified networks.…

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Concept Searching