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How’s Your Security Posture? Exhausted Probably

The number of corporate data breaches has reduced for the first time in five years, according to recent reports. I don’t know, should we believe it? I wonder, if we ignore the problems created by cybercriminals, will they just fade away? I kind of doubt it. If it were true, it would be welcome news to those enterprise security teams that find themselves overwhelmed.…

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Is Ethics Alive and Well? Or Just Compliance?

We focus quite a bit on compliance and information governance, at the most basic level. More or less at the level of the ‘doer’ as opposed to the ‘leader’. We deal with the bottom line, the ROI, the improvement in business processes.…

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Be careful who you sue – your Facebook page can and will be held against you.

I have talked about unknown privacy exposures lurking in companies regardless of size. I am often surprised that potential damaging, confidential, and privacy exposure related content is not more actively protected.…

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