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Facebook Victims of Breach – It’s Only 30 Million not 50 Million

Do you ever get tired of Facebook always being in the press for what is essentially poor security? If you ask me, what’s the difference between 30 million users and 50 million users?…

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Cloud Security – Yet Again

You can’t get away from it. Cloud and Security appear to be joined at the hip and, as far as I can tell, will be for years to come. Talk, talk, talk. In a security report by Arxan, it was found that mobile health and finance applications had one thing in common, 90% had major security vulnerabilities.…

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What’s Lurking on Your Users’ Desktop?

In a recent article, ‘Securing Government Desktops’, from Belkin Government (registration required to download the white paper), there has been a rise in desktop security incidents by 680% of the past six years.…

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Guess how many times a week your company is hacked?

Most organizations are actually pretty easy targets for attackers. I’ve always wondered though, why the particular companies that have massive invasions the reason the hackers targeted them?…

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A Data Breach – Just Pocket Change

I just read a really interesting article about the cost of data breaches. The average expenditure to rectify a data breach is now topping $3.8 million. The article I read, How much do data breaches cost big companies?

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What does the IT, Finance, and Healthcare Industries All Share? A penchant for malware and data leaks.

What does the IT, Finance, and Healthcare Industries All Share? A penchant for malware and data leaks it seems. The cloud access security company Skyhigh Networks released its fifth quarterly Cloud Adoption and Risk Report (registration required) and found that the financial services industry is the second-riskiest vertical based on employee behavior.…

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