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WDYT? Is the Digital Strip Search Going Too Far?

In New Zealand there is a zest for security. In the past, customs required travelers to provide any electronic devices for search purposes. What they neglected to incorporate into the law was that travelers were required to provide a password, digital fingerprint, or personal identification number (PIN).…

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Dysfunctional Search and the FBI, any of it sound familiar?

I think dysfunctional search is a great name. Unfortunately, it appears that the FBI wins the prize, but I am sure there are many organizations that also feel that their search is dysfunctional. An article in techdirt, ‘How The FBI’s Dysfunctional Search Systems Keep Information Out Of FOIA Requesters’ Hands’, did provide a chuckle, simply because it is just too late to take the US government seriously anymore.…

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There’s something to be said for failure – You’ve got to be kidding me!

1Whoops - There’s something to be said for failure – You’ve got to be kidding me!A 7 million write-off faced the taxpayers of New Zealand for the failure of a software program to be used to eliminate paper records and manage criminal cases electronically. Atypical of government waste, their goal would have saved 93K work hours per year.…

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Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation Deploying conceptClassifier for Office 365 and OneDrive

Pension Benefits Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), a US Government Agency, has selected conceptClassifier for Office 365 and conceptClassifier for OneDrive for Business as their platform of choice.…

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Migrating 10 Million Documents with conceptClassifier for SharePoint

Concept Searching’s conceptClassifier for SharePoint is being deployed for a military project in Europe. The solution will include a combination of FAST and conceptClassifier for SharePoint.…

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West Sussex County Council Achieving Business Benefits using conceptClassifier for SharePoint

Concept Searching is highly successful in the ability to deliver a sound return on investment, specifically in all levels of the government. West Sussex County Council has been using conceptClassifier SharePoint and is now achieving the business benefits from our automatic semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management software.…

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Open Roads, Open Future, Open Source

We do have a client using open source. Quite a large customer and internationally very well known. Although we are platform agnostic the majority of our clients are using some flavor of SharePoint.…

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Where’s the missing link in government?

Although this blog focuses around government it highlights an interesting paradox. The first article details the US federal Chief Information Officers Council update on the list of core competencies for training and hiring policies so they can hire personnel that are capable of addressing new technology challenges facing government.…

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The Human Dimension – Strength or Weakness?

The human dimension is probably an organization’s biggest weakness and its biggest strength. From an information access perspective, ultimately people are the end users of information and interpret the information available to make decisions.…

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The spending of government in IT

More so than the commercial sector, the government sector faces unique challenges. The impact of budgetary constraints requires thoughtful decisions and a strategic plan to modernize the current way of doing business and improve organizational performance.…

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