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The Digital Workplace

You Already Have a Digital Workplace, Unless You are Using Paper and Pencils

The digital workplace, as touted by analysts, advises us to throw out the baby with the bath water. Success has been achieved primarily from large, and I mean large, organizations that have the culture, money, and time to invest in creating an entirely new working environment, and replacing all old technology and applications.…

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Bribery, Corruption, & Espionage – just another daily responsibility

If you are moving into the global economy, or have multinational operations chances are you are beginning to address bribery, corruption, and espionage or have been for a while. Interesting topic.…

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Get in the Fast Lane Grandma the Bingo Game is ready to Roll!

I just read a snippet of marketing for a new report from Forrester entitled, ‘Building Data Stewardship Is A New Customer Intelligence Imperative’ (fee required unless you are a Forrester client).…

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