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Auto-classification as a Business Process

I don’t talk much about auto-classification although it’s a key component in our technology. Auto-classification, or sometimes termed categorization helps achieve information governance.…

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Information Governance and Text Analytics – You’re kidding me!

Whoa. Things are getting complicated here. Information governance and text analytics? Really? Yes really. Information governance and text analytics usually aren’t spoken with the same breath.…

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Transparency and Accountability in Content Information Governance

Unstructured and semi-structured content assets have value. One way or another there is a cost involved in the creation and lifecycle management of these assets. There is also value in the ability to sell and barter some of these assets (i.e.…

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The Trend Towards Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions in SharePoint

The development of an intelligent enterprise metadata framework provides flexibility, and enables organizations to implement governance policies and operations incrementally, with each step directly correlated to business value.…

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A One-stop Shop for Enterprise Metadata Management

Traditionally, there has been a one-dimensional approach to solving business problems with technology. Myriad solutions are available that solve a specific problem, such as improving search, records management, or compliance, but are typically narrowly focused and not adaptable outside the boundaries of the application.…

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How to be a lean and mean government agency

The use of an enterprise metadata framework provides flexibility to the organization, is ideally platform independent, and enables the organization to implement governance policies and operations incrementally, with each step directly correlated to mission value.…

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What are Federal Agencies Doing with the Smart Content Framework™?

Federal agencies are facing challenges in managing their content to ensure compliance, reduce organizational risk, and increase preparedness for meeting mission objectives. Not only does the approach have to suit the organization’s workflow and culture, it must be easily adaptable by end users who are typically reluctant to change.…

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