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There’s something to be said for failure – You’ve got to be kidding me!

1Whoops - There’s something to be said for failure – You’ve got to be kidding me!A 7 million write-off faced the taxpayers of New Zealand for the failure of a software program to be used to eliminate paper records and manage criminal cases electronically. Atypical of government waste, their goal would have saved 93K work hours per year.…

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How Much Dark Data is Out There? Do you care?

Dark data, the new darling term of the analysts, could just be called junk, stuff, garbage, but dark data does have a rather romantic ring to the term. Some organizations keep everything, just in case.…

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Can enterprise search get any worse? It appears that it can

Since our software is primarily used to improve search results supporting any search engine, enterprise search challenges are near and dear to my heart. It seems enterprise search is getting more complicated and increasing the angst for disgruntled users who still can’t find anything.…

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Is that your spreadsheet hiding behind a tree?

Enterprises commonly set boundaries and processes to control the flow of information to ensure best practices in a variety of applications such as search, records management, data protection, and compliance.…

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Metadata Matters – Waiting for the Ah-ha Moment

When you speak to business people, they often don’t understand what metadata is and why it is important. Their eyes get glassy and their head starts nodding, and you know, at that second, you have lost them.…

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Lack of Information Governance? Blame the Execs!

It appears that senior management should be on the hot seat for an organization’s lack of information governance. In a report that was published in May by AIIM, “Information governance – records, risks and retention in the litigation age”, senior management admitted that inferior electronic record keeping was causing problems with regulators and auditors (37%); 14% said they were incurring fines or bad publicity due to bad handling of information; 37% of respondents agreed that there are important social interactions that are not being saved or archived; and less than 15% of organizations include social postings in their retention schedules.…

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The NSA Doesn’t Have the Technology to Search Their Own eMails?

Why does this not surprise me? The NSA is considered a supercomputing powerhouse, and the speed of their hardware is measured in thousands of trillions of operations per second. I say that deserves a ‘wow’.…

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Information Governance – Is this new?

I just read an interesting article, actually from one of our quasi competitors. Actually it was, for the most part, a very good article. What did strike me is the author claimed that ‘information governance was an ‘emerging concept’.

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The Devil’s in the Metadata Details – Solving Business Process Challenges

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is most typically viewed at an infrastructure level and not at a granular level to address very specific business process bottlenecks that have a direct impact on the bottom line.…

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SharePoint Metadata

SharePoint Metadata: Jumping on the Metadata Band Wagon in SharePoint

In a recent article by Mimi Dionne, posted in CMS Wire, she tackled the topic of ‘Metadata Solves Your SharePoint Content Management Problems’. Of course this topic is near and dear to my heart.…

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