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phishing - Got Office 365? It’s an Ocean Full of Phish

Got Office 365? It’s an Ocean Full of Phish

According to a report by security firm Avanan, 25 percent of all phishing emails swim right through Office 365. For those with their heads in the sand, phishing occurs when an attacker sends a communication, usually an email, to an individual attempting to influence them to open an infected file or click on a malicious link to a page that will request credentials or drop malware.…

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Data Vulnerabilities - Concept Searching

Beset by Data Vulnerabilities? Look in the Mirror

The average cost of a global data breach is $3.86 million, and in the US this swells to $7.91 million per breach, according to the Ponemon/IBM cybersecurity study released in July 2018.…

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Data Privacy - Concept Searching

Why Email Has Become a Serious, and Costly, Risk

I was doing a bit of research the other day and I came across some email statistics. This started me thinking, as I haven’t explored the state of the email market in a while.…

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Collaboration - Records Management

Email and Collaboration Risk for Records Managers

In a previous blog, we explored how the growing need to capture social site content and track it as records is now another layer of complexity that records managers must contend with.…

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Data Breach - Concept Searching

They Did It Again! You Might as Well Have No Security

I sometimes get aggravated when I read about the ‘newest’ data breach to hit the news. UnityPoint Health is notifying 1.4 million patients that their records may have been breached.…

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Email Liability

Is Your Email a Liability? Yes, More Than Likely

Email is a strange topic. Supposedly, all adopted collaboration options will result in a decreased email glut. But it’s not happening. I don’t know if it’s because we are so used to communicating via email that we just can’t give it up.…

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Email Pollution Is Costing You Money and Productivity

Email Pollution Is Costing You Money and Productivity

Which do you find more irritating, ‘wasteful’ meetings or excessive emails? It seems wasteful meetings win, but not by a landslide. According to a study by Workfront, 57 percent of employees find wasteful meetings impact productivity, and 53 percent are annoyed by email interrupting their day.…

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What does your Chief Legal Officer think of social and collaboration tools?

Because of all the recent hype provided by Microsoft on Office 365, I happened to be doing some research on competitive products and ran across a legal article that posed some questions for me.…

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45 years and still going strong! Email isn’t going anywhere soon.

1email - 45 years and still going strong! Email isn’t going anywhere soon.I get too many emails. I bet I don’t hear anyone who disagrees with me. Most are irrelevant. All in all, very time-consuming. One of the many benefits promoted by the business social revolution is the ability to cut down, dare we say do away with, email.…

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BYOD? How About BYOA?

It appears that Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has now given way to Bring Your Own Application (BYOA). Ovum, recently released the results of a survey that reported that 89% of the 5,187 full-time mobile employees use consumer synch and storage tools at work, despite the security risks.…

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