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SharePoint Online

What Do You Think of SharePoint as an Enterprise Content Management Solution?

It is predicted that SharePoint Online and Office 365 will give enterprise content management (ECM) vendors a run for their money, in The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Content Management.…

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Can someone please manage their content first?

Last month I wrote some meanderings on ECM and if it still an important application and questioned if the ‘name’ has somewhat dated the term and perhaps it would be better if the whole name be reinvented?…

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Why Does ECM Fail? (The answers will surprise you!)

In a survey conducted by Forrester, User Needs Drive a Solid ECM Business Case, the top four reasons for Enterprise Content Management (ECM) failures were:

  • Poor content strategy (44 percent),
  • lack of IT and business alignment (26 percent),
  • corporate politics and culture issues (22 percent), and
  • internal staffing or organizational issues (22 percent).
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Does ECM Need to be Reinvented?

I did some digging. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) was coined by AIIM back in 2000. I applaud the term’s ability to stay in vogue this long. Yet, feedback from a SharePoint survey that we conducted, tells me that ECM isn’t very high on the agenda.…

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Migration, ECM, and Information Governance -They're related?

According to a Forrester report on ECM, 44% of survey respondees felt that they had a poor content strategy. In fact, it was the number one cause of dissatisfaction with their (one or more) ECM applications.…

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Concept Searching and Stonebridge Webinar on Intelligent SharePoint to Optimize Energy Sector Enterprise Content Management

Registration Now Open for First Webinar in a Series on Enterprise Content Management in the Energy Sector Webinar June 25th 

Concept Searching is pleased to announce the first webinar in a series hosted jointly with Stonebridge, entitled “Intelligent SharePoint to Optimize Energy Sector Enterprise Content Management”, taking place on June 25th.…

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Is the Door Open or Shut for Portals?

I just read a very good article that talked about the portal, where it was and what it has become. I encourage you to read it. This made me think quite a bit about this topic and sad to say I still remember when there weren’t any portals!!…

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