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The Blame Game or Just Plain Stupidity?

Way back in 2014, I wrote a blog about passwords and the security gap it causes in organizations. I just ran across another report, authored by Cameron Coles, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Skyhigh, ‘Why 87.3% of Companies Use Office 365’, which is well worth the read.…

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Guess how many times a week your company is hacked?

Most organizations are actually pretty easy targets for attackers. I’ve always wondered though, why the particular companies that have massive invasions the reason the hackers targeted them?…

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Time to Tighten Your Belts – Would you rather be safe or sorry?

According to Osterman Research, 95% of business users primarily communicate via email. Of emails sent, 98% were sent with attachments. Secure? Highly doubtful. Mobile devices and BYOD, has unlocked a hornets nest and has put security of confidential information at risk.…

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Concept Searching’s Cloud Security Feature Reduces Organizational Risk

Proactive Identification of Security Breaches from Within Content in Real Time

McLean, VA, US and Stevenage, UK (PRWeb) June 04, 2015
Concept Searching, the global leader in semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management software, and developer of the Smart Content Framework™, provides the functionality within its flagship product, conceptClassifier, to proactively identify potential security or data breaches from within content, as it is created or ingested.…

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Data Exposures – the Enemy Within

In January 2013, more than 100 IT professionals who use SAP software and are involved in security and control activities were polled by Turnkey Consulting, a specialist GRC and IT security company.…

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Data Tagging

Data Tagging: If you don’t tag it how will you know when to delete it, archive it, or secure it?

Migration of unstructured and semi-structured content also involves records and security. Records that should have been declared, archived, or deleted. The same can be applied to potential security exposures.…

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Security Risks Associated with Social Media within an Organization

There are considerable risks associated with social media. The biggest I think is the security and potential exposures of confidential information that should be protected. It combines not only what employees do at work with social media applications but also on their ‘personal time’ using social media from the workplace.…

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Be careful who you sue – your Facebook page can and will be held against you.

I have talked about unknown privacy exposures lurking in companies regardless of size. I am often surprised that potential damaging, confidential, and privacy exposure related content is not more actively protected.…

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We have been victimized by a hacktivist 416 days ago!

The US Congress is dangling its toes in the water towards requiring companies to admit they have been hacked. The proposal regarding data breaches is a component of a larger draft bill being circulated in the House Judiciary Committee.…

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PII and PHI Being Automatically Identified at Wright Patterson Medical Center

Wright Patterson Medical Center, a US Air Force  base  is deploying Concept Searching technologies to generate semantic metadata, auto-classify content to identify potential privacy exposures.…

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