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Security Breaches - Concept Searching

If It’s Broken, Then Fix It. Can We Use Some Common Sense?

I think you may be aware by now that ‘negligent users’ are very often responsible for data security breaches. Other reasons for breaches are the lack of a security culture, users sharing passwords, and malicious insiders.…

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Data Breach - Concept Searching

If I Migrate to the Cloud, I’ll Have a Data Breach – Really!

I had to chuckle the other day. Most people don’t like migrations because of their reputation for being over budget and behind schedule. Not so any more. It now seems that some executive-level staff no longer want to migrate data to the cloud because they fear it could cause a security breach.…

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Data Privacy and Sensitive Information - Concept Searching

Now Where Is That Privacy and Sensitive Information Hiding?

Hmmn, cybersecurity and those rogue cybercriminals. Who’s in charge of keeping the fortress locked down at your organization? The average cost of a breach is in the millions – close to $5 million.…

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Data Classification

The Nitty-Gritty of Data Discovery and Classification 

Check us out and see our conceptClassifier platform in action at Ignite at Booth 212.

We index your data, classify it, and identify security vulnerabilities on the fly, in real time.…

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Healthcare Data Breaches

Once Again, Healthcare Is the Winner – Coming in at $380 per Stolen Record

I’m really not sure why the healthcare industry doesn’t seem to be able to get a handle on cybersecurity.  Following the healthcare industry, with its individual stolen record cost of $380 per record, the education industry had the second stolen record cost last year, averaging $246 per record.…

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Data Breaches

Where Is the Disconnect? Data Breach? Pocket Change. Victims? Who Cares?

I am continually surprised that US companies have a devil-may-care attitude towards a data breach. New legislation protects all financial companies from having to admit to a data breach, ever, or notifying victims that their personal information was stolen.…

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GDPR: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, and Depression – Take Your Pick

You know, I think many data managers are acting like little kids, and believe that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was put in place to punish them. It is what it is.

According to surveys, the majority of companies have not yet started addressing the compliance requirements.…

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A GDPR Approach – Makes You Want to Laugh or Cry?

I happened to read this article about General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Lots of talk about GDPR but not a lot of action. So in terms of action, when do the worker bees start to make the required changes?…

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Useful Information about GDPR for US Companies

I recently I read an article about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). I’m getting to sound like a broken record. Anyway, it brought up some interesting tidbits that I had not come across before.…

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Secure Collaboration

Collaboration – The Unseen Cybercriminal

Collaboration is a serious issue from a cybersecurity perspective. The average company using SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business collaborates with 72 business partners.

The results of an analysis by Skyhigh Networks found that 8 percent of business partners were deemed high risk from a security standpoint.…

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