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Risky Business – What Data?

You may well now be at Microsoft Ignite, a veritable utopia for IT folks, eagerly awaiting those tidbits you have been hoping for. I have a tidbit for you, perhaps not loads of fun but certainly innovative. It’s about finding your data exposures, regardless of where they reside, protecting them, and processing them appropriately.…

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Be careful who you sue – your Facebook page can and will be held against you.

I have talked about unknown privacy exposures lurking in companies regardless of size. I am often surprised that potential damaging, confidential, and privacy exposure related content is not more actively protected.…

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Cyber Crime – A Big Deal or Only After it Happens to Your Organization?

The Ponemon Institute has released their annual 2012 Cost of Cyber Crime Study as usual with interesting results. According to the report, “Cyber attacks generally refer to criminal activity conducted via the Internet.…

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