Cyber attack

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It’s Not a Matter of If You will Have a Data Breach, but a Matter of When

In late January, MongoDB databases were hacked, 27,000 to be exact. They did not have password protection, nor did they have firewalls. Interestingly, MongoDB is the fourth most popular database, after Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server.…

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Data Breaches

Concerned More About Money Than Security? Guess So.

I saw a graphic the other day that illustrated the 2017 budget for cyberattack victims, which I thought I would share.

Data Breaches

What surprises me is that breaches across industries are continually escalating.…

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cyber attack - How Much is Your Share Value? It Just Went Down if You Had a Cyberattack

How Much is Your Share Value? It Just Went Down if You Had a Cyberattack

If you have publicly traded stock and have had a cybersecurity breach, the price of your shares has dropped – permanently. Did you know that?

For the report ‘The Cyber Value-Connection’, CGI worked with Oxford Economics to create a model that is claimed to have captured the damage done to share prices by a cyberattack.…

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Data Security

Do Your End Users Care About Security? I Doubt It.

Security has become the greatest inhibitor to cloud adoption, and still looms as an unaddressed issue.

Organizations have invested significant sums to protect their perimeters, but are not deploying mechanisms that can stop a security incident from occurring internally.…

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