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Advanced Discussion on SharePoint Content Types

Collabware LogoCollabware, a Concept Searching partner, is proud to be the first and only vendor to offer records managers a comprehensive content lifecycle management product for Microsoft SharePoint. From content creation to record destruction, our end-to-end solution offers a superior user experience, advanced physical and electronic records management features, and complete compliance control. Jayson Kennedy, a Records Management Specialist & SharePoint Analyst at Collabware contributed this blog to explain Content Types in SharePoint.

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Protecting Corporate Memory – leveraging SharePoint Records Management

Records management is typically a challenge.  It always has been and unless organizations change it will continue to be a challenge.

Large enterprises across all industries are facing challenges in managing their content to ensure compliance, reduce organizational risk, and increase preparedness for potential litigation.…

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Oh sorry – I forgot to look at the 100 page manual for records management

“It is simply not realistic to expect broad sets of employees to navigate extensive classification options while referring to a records schedule that may weigh in at more than 100 pages.”

Forrester Research/
ARMA International Survey

Within the SharePoint environment, conceptClassifier for SharePoint is being widely used to facilitate records management processes by eliminating end user non-compliance and inconsistent application of records retention codes, the primary cause of records management failure.…

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Records Management in SharePoint Combining Governance with Content Types

Imerge’s Certified Records Manager, Charmaine Brookes joined Concept Searching to deliver an informative webinar focused on records management in SharePoint and how Concept Searching’s award winning conceptClassifier for SharePoint can automatically align the records management strategy with SharePoint content types.

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conceptClassifier for SharePoint Version 4 Now Available

Concept Searching has announced availability of conceptClassifier for SharePoint Version 4. New features include a new installer that enables installation in less than 20 minutes, support for Microsoft SharePoint Content Types and greater support for multiple taxonomies.…

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