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How Much Bloated Content Are You Carrying Around? Get Rid of It

A client of ours was having problems with sluggishness and poor performance on one of its servers. Time to spend more money on hardware? One of our professional services staff suggested the client clean up its content.…

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Information Whatever – Just do it

Information Governance. Still quite the buzzword in technical circles. I can’t seem to escape articles that are high level and essentially worthless to an organization thinking about Information Governance.…

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Content Management or Information Governance – Just Another Misnomer

Information Governance is great – but you just don’t ‘do it’. I have read and continue to read articles discussing Information Governance, specifically in the legal field, but applicable to all industries.…

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Walking the Tightrope of Cloud Security

1CloudSecurity - Walking the Tightrope of Cloud SecurityInteresting article, To Err Is Human; to Indemnify, Divine?: Human Foibles in the Cloud, authored by Tanya Forsheit, and published in Data Privacy Monitor, that looked at both the enterprise and the cloud provider for owning responsibility of security in the cloud.…

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Who is responsible for this mess? eDiscovery at its worst.

The average Fortune 500 companies have 125 lawsuits at any given point. The average cost of eDiscovery per lawsuit is now creeping upwards of $3 million.

According to a recent AIIM presentation, Are You Prepared for Digital Disruption 2015 Predictions:

  • 47% of organizations feel universal search and compliant eDiscovery is becoming near impossible
  • 53% of organizations admit their legal discovery procedures are “ad hoc, manual, disruptive, and expensive”
  • 24% of organizations have had a compliance issue around litigation and discovery within the last two years

Not really good news if you happen to be in the midst of a lawsuit.…

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Sometimes you just have to shake your head. A couple of the many problems of search.

Analysts, studies, surveys, consultants point to the problems of search – meaning no one can ever find what they need. Same old problem that has existed probably when search began.…

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Really, you want to do text analytics? And get results?

Although going back a few years, generations in technology, text analytics projects usually failed (Altaplana’s “Text/Content Analytics 2011: User Perspectives on Solutions and Providers”).…

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Text Analytics – OK Sherlock, what’s next?

Text analytics sounds like fun, although most professionals in the industry probably would not agree with me. It’s like being Sherlock Holmes and finding the deep dark secrets held in our content repositories.…

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Can someone please manage their content first?

Last month I wrote some meanderings on ECM and if it still an important application and questioned if the ‘name’ has somewhat dated the term and perhaps it would be better if the whole name be reinvented?…

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Office 365 – How To Achieve Non-Intrusive Information Governance

The automatic generation of semantic metadata removes the end user from the tagging process as well as the subjective ambiguity. It also enables content to be related in a meaningful way without end user involvement.…

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