Content Lifecycle Management

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Enterprise Content Management Systems

Enterprise Content Management Systems – Sort of Like Rabbits

Rabbits get a bad rap, as they continually reproduce. Actually, they can have up to 5 litters per year, with up to 12 babies. There you have it. It struck me that this is very similar to enterprise content management (ECM) software, which appears to replicate itself throughout an organization.…

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SharePoint Term Store Management Made Easy – No really!

In our annual surveys, we’ve watched the use of Managed Metadata Services and use of the Term Store grown incrementally and slowly. This years’ survey showed the biggest jump, primarily focusing on managing content lifecycle management.…

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Information Whatever – Just do it

1IGFailure - Information Whatever – Just do itInformation Governance. Still quite the buzzword in technical circles. I can’t seem to escape articles that are high level and essentially worthless to an organization thinking about Information Governance.…

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Concept Searching Partners with Kodak

Concept Searching has entered into a partnership agreement with Kodak’s Document Imaging Business, the world’s foremost imaging innovator. The arrangement brings together Concept Searching’s expertise in metadata generation, search, classification and taxonomy management with the precision, power and performance delivered by Kodak’s capture platform of software, hardware and services.…

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Saving the trees in Australia

A new war in the Australian government is being waged against paper. According to the National Archives of Australia director-general David Fricker federal government agencies are now spending about $220 million a year storing their paper records.…

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