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Digital Transformation - Concept Searching

Digital Transformation – Too Difficult?

Digital transformation is now back in ‘must do’ land – in again, out again. I can only surmise that a few years back none of us were ready.…

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Content Analytics

Is Content Analytics a Game Changer? Well, Yes and No

In an AIIM survey, ‘Using Analytics – automating processes and extracting knowledge,’ 276 decision makers weighed in on content analytics.

Here’s what they said.…

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ECM - Enterprise Content Management

ECM and the Cloud – A Match Not Made in Heaven

The cloud has caused disruption for ECM vendors. Woefully behind on technology to begin with, ECM vendors find that the cloud has upset the applecart even more dramatically.

It appears that file share chaos is prevalent.…

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Information Governance and Content Analytics – A Match Made in Heaven

The media hype for Information Governance seems to have slowed down a bit. I think all the CIO’s, once they understood the term also understood that it is an undertaking that involves the entire organization, from infrastructure to business processes.…

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