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Be Happy You are Not Responsible for the Security of this.

Do you know every 60 seconds there are:

  • 98,000+ Tweets
  • 11 million instant messages
  • 698,445 Google searches
  • 168+ million emails sent
  • 1,820TB of data created
  • 217 New mobile users

What’s my point?…

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Data Breach or Exposure – It’s all up to you!

Unless you are responsible for security at your organization, a data breach or confidential data exposure isn’t on the top of the majority of business users minds when they come to work.…

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Data Exposures – the Enemy Within

In January 2013, more than 100 IT professionals who use SAP software and are involved in security and control activities were polled by Turnkey Consulting, a specialist GRC and IT security company.…

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