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Intelligent Metadata - Concept Searching

You May Have Metadata, but Is It Actionable Knowledge?

I hope all your content has metadata. It probably doesn’t. Those pesky end users can store a document every which way. Then those same end users can’t find it. And they spend an average of 4.5 hours per week per person looking for it.…

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Show me the money – the ROI of Enterprise Search

Justifying an expenditure in any organization is tough. Even with a riches to rags economy it has never been easy. Justifying a ‘new’ application is even tougher and as a vendor we are experiencing a surge in reviewing every detail during the sales process as well as documenting a solid ROI.…

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The Trend Towards Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions in SharePoint

The development of an intelligent enterprise metadata framework provides flexibility, and enables organizations to implement governance policies and operations incrementally, with each step directly correlated to business value.…

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Increasing Knowledge Workers or Automating Knowledge Work?

According to the 2010 McKinsey Global survey, “Economic Conditions Snapshot,” knowledge workers have driven more than 70 percent of the economic growth in the U.S. over the past three decades, and 85 percent of the new jobs created in the past decade required complex knowledge skills.

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Bribery, Corruption, & Espionage – just another daily responsibility

If you are moving into the global economy, or have multinational operations chances are you are beginning to address bribery, corruption, and espionage or have been for a while. Interesting topic.…

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Poor Data Quality – Do you measure it?

Data quality, including unstructured, can be a source of pain in the pocketbook for companies. But do companies evaluate this as a bottom line cost? I don’t think so. We jump through hoops showing the value of our software and the impact on the bottom line (which is fine) but turning the coin do companies actually look at the cost of wrong, erroneous, irrelevant information that result in bad decisions?…

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Be careful who you sue – your Facebook page can and will be held against you.

I have talked about unknown privacy exposures lurking in companies regardless of size. I am often surprised that potential damaging, confidential, and privacy exposure related content is not more actively protected.…

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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. What is ‘good’ metadata?

I have talked about metadata quite a bit, which makes sense as that is on of our core technologies. In another blog I concentrated on ‘metadata truth‘. Organizations can experience a myriad of problems caused by ‘poor’ metadata.…

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