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Metadata - Concept Searching

The Importance of Metadata

We have blogged about this topic before, and it’s still one of our favorite subjects – metadata tagging. For years, metadata would make business professionals somewhat bored when explained to them.…

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Taxonomy Management

How Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

Enterprises commonly set boundaries and processes to control the flow of information, to ensure best practice in activities such as records management, data protection, and compliance. This approach of controlling the information flow is often cumbersome and impacts the ability to manage content throughout the information lifecycle, including capture, storage, retrieval, archival, and disposal.…

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So, You Are Going to Build a Taxonomy – Don’t Tell Me it’s in Excel

I am not knocking those who have probably painstakingly built an organizational taxonomy in Excel. I highly respect them. They are also way ahead of the curve, as they understand what a taxonomy is supposed to do.…

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1.9 Billion Records Exposed – A Taxonomy Could Have Come in Handy

Only 918 reported data breaches led to a whopping 1.9 billion records being exposed, as of September 2017. I would expect the number to rise, although not dramatically, I hope. Compared with the last six months of 2016, the number of lost, stolen, or compromised records increased by 164 percent.…

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Metadata Generation

Aristotle Had It Right – How Come We Don’t?

Statistics show that over 90 percent of organizations rely on end user tagging, sustaining the use of inaccurate and erroneous metadata applied to unstructured and semi-structured content.…

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It’s All About Tagging – Or Is It?

One of my favorite subjects – metadata tagging. For years, metadata would make business professionals stare glassily into space when explained to them. No more, I hope. Metadata is now information currency and if it isn’t woven into technology frameworks as the critical component in achieving organizational business objectives, then enterprises suffer from content paralysis.…

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Training Sets

Taxonomies and Training Sets – Be Gone

Every taxonomy package has a range of functionalities, some good and some not so good. Our software can now interact with artificial intelligence, so staying up to date is an important criteria.…

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Taxonomies – If it Sounds Too Good To Be True, it Probably Is

Taxonomies are a bit strange. Almost 15% of SharePoint organizations have manual methods to create and maintain taxonomies. I wish I could personally tell each organization that times have changed.…

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Taxonomy Development - Concept Searching taxonomy component

Calling taxonomy development a headache is a misnomer if there ever was one.

Luckily our taxonomy component is easy-to-use with minimal training. But who wouldn’t want the basic framework as the starting point? WAND, Inc. is one of Concept Searching’s partners and that’s exactly what they do.…

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The effective taxonomy versus redaction? This is a question?

Don’t ask me why, but my reading wanderings took me to the subject of redaction. I’m not going to knock it. I understand, from my very brief readings, that it is an extremely valuable tool in many organizations.…

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