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Data Dumping

Data Dumping and Ethics – the New eDiscovery Problem

I don’t typically write about those in the legal industry. I think of them as seemingly sometimes chasing their tails, pursuing the promises of new technologies such as artificial intelligence.…

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AI - Artificial Intelligence

Facebook Just Keeps on Trying – Maybe It Should Stay Away from AI

Poor Facebook. Seems it manages to hog the newswires with stories that just make you want to shake your head and ask how it could have made so much money.

One of its fiascos, albeit from a few years back, was to improve its trending topics section by taking away from human editors the responsibility of writing news story descriptions, instead using artificial intelligence (AI) software.…

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Please – No More Questions! I’ll Just Rewrite the Document.

Mark Anderson, writing for the Stack wrote a very interesting article, ‘Science Goes in Search of Your Lost Files’. Gangli Liu of the Department of Computer Science at Tsinghu University in China, has developed a wizard-based, interactive tool that provides questions to end users who can’t find what they are looking for.…

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Research Platform to Use conceptSearch

The US Air Force 711th Human Performance Wing, Human Factors Center of Excellence has chosen to deploy the Concept Searching Technology Platform in support of its research mission into human factors associated with non lethal weapons.…

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NASA Safety Center Recognized by KMWorld

NASA Safety Center, a client of Concept Searching, was recently recognized by KMWorld as the ‘KM Reality Award Winner’.  Using our Concept Searching Technology Platform, the article states, “NSC chose a robust, scalable, integrated collaboration and search solution, with the unique ability to extract concepts from content, significantly improving search results.

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How to Get the Most Out of Search Webinar

All How To Recorded Webinars can be accessed here.

See Concept Searching’s high powered search engine in action using conceptSearch on June 26th.

Concept Searching will sponsor a webinar on How To Get the Most Out of Search on Wednesday June 26th, at 11:30-11:45 AM EDT.…

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170 Billion Tweets and Rising – Let’s pin the tail on the donkey!

The Library of Congress has been archiving public tweets for years. The objective of this on-going exercise was to set-up a process to archive Tweets. They are now accumulating just under half-billion Tweets per day.…

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How Many Times Can I Pick the Wrong Search Result?

With all the social networking hype, specifically by Microsoft, and the big push of Yammer, I have taken a step back and tried to sort this out. Collaboration, connecting users and relevant content, is certainly a step in the right direction.…

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Which is worse? Bad search or being stuck in traffic?

In a Xerox UK study, the participants were asked the following: and the results were:In a Xerox UK study, the participants were asked the following…and the results were:


Xerox UK study: July 2009

Is this because search engines don’t perform well in regards to finding what searchers are looking for or is it that searchers don’t understand how to search correctly?…

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Metadata the real currency of interoperability

The ability to capture concept based metadata and retrieve relevant search results from within the organization and diverse applications are the real currency of interoperability. Providing syntactic as well as semantic metadata delivers the ability to represent and share the meaning of content in an unambiguous manner.…

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