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I know it's there somewhere – if I could find it

Enterprise versus Internet search is a different animal. In the enterprise end users know the information is there if they could only find it. As a result, they will spend more time and aggravation looking for that one asset and don’t want to give up.…

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What Is Compound Term Processing?

Compound Term Processing is Concept Searching’s core technology that automatically generates meaningful multi-word patterns using statistical techniques that works in any language, any vocabulary, regardless of grammatical style.…

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Xerox Litigation Services

Xerox Litigation Services has renewed licensing for Concept Searching technologies for an additional three year term. The client has been relying on Concept Searching since the product launch in 2003 to continue to deliver cutting-edge and innovative concept extraction technology, still unique in the marketplace.…

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US Air Force Medical Operations Agency Data Privacy

The U.S. Air Force Medical Operations Agency (AFMOA), responsible for supporting the U.S. Air Force medical treatment facilities, is deploying Concept Searching’s technology platform to identify and lock down data privacy and security breaches.…

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London Fire Brigade Selects Concept Searching

The London Fire Brigade has selected Concept Searching technologies to improve their ability to automatically classify and retrieve content held in SharePoint and other document repositories.…

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DirectoryM to Integrate Concept Searching Technologies

DirectoryM, a global provider of business directories that connects service providers with local users will be integrating Concept Searching technologies to enhance the ability for users to identify relevant local information more quickly and accurately.…

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DCoE Expands Use of Concept Searching Technologies

The Defense Center of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury has expanded the use of Concept Searching technologies to further improve content management within the organization.…

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Bird & Bird Win Knowledge Management Information Team of the Year Award

International law firm Bird & Bird won the International KM/Information Team of the Year Award at the Legal Technology Awards. Over the past year, the Knowledge Management team has implemented its strategy, which has contained a number of firsts in Europe, including:

• first bespoke know-how system, designed in house, to incorporate the innovative search tool conceptSearching;
• first implementation of a combination of enterprise and brokered search across both internal and external know-how repositories; and
• first to build a bespoke know-who system (experience locator) that integrates the know-how system, carpe diem and people directory.…

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