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Show me the money – the ROI of Enterprise Search

Justifying an expenditure in any organization is tough. Even with a riches to rags economy it has never been easy. Justifying a ‘new’ application is even tougher and as a vendor we are experiencing a surge in reviewing every detail during the sales process as well as documenting a solid ROI.…

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Search and you will find – where is Enterprise Search?

Being in the search business for too many years to count I have seen the focus on enterprise search as an organizational priority ebb and flow. For years it was all the rage and then slowly took a back to seat to the buzzword du jour.…

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Concept Searching Welcomes Mabe as a New Client

Concept Searching is pleased to announce that Mabe, the world’s largest manufacturer of gas appliances and manufacturer of 90% of all gas appliances sold in the US under the GE brands will be deploying conceptClassifier for SharePoint.…

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Solving the Inadequacies and Failures in Enterprise Search

The inability to identify the value in unstructured content is the primary challenge in any application that requires the use of metadata. If you aren’t managing it, you won’t find it.…

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Semantic Technology in Search

In Bill Gates’ prophetic statement that ‘content is king’ which I have referred to as ‘context is king’ – it’s really a game of semantics. The ability to drive search through semantics makes content more findable, insightful, and useful.…

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Those Golden Nuggets of Information Just Waiting to be Found

Sometimes when I am searching for information that you know is there and you just can’t find it the results are not only disappointing but highly frustrating. All organizations have some type of search tool and most have some type of enterprise content management, even rudimentary.…

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How to Get the Most Out of Search Webinar

All How To Recorded Webinars can be accessed here.

See Concept Searching’s high powered search engine in action using conceptSearch on June 26th.

Concept Searching will sponsor a webinar on How To Get the Most Out of Search on Wednesday June 26th, at 11:30-11:45 AM EDT.…

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Poor Data Quality – Do you measure it?

Data quality, including unstructured, can be a source of pain in the pocketbook for companies. But do companies evaluate this as a bottom line cost? I don’t think so. We jump through hoops showing the value of our software and the impact on the bottom line (which is fine) but turning the coin do companies actually look at the cost of wrong, erroneous, irrelevant information that result in bad decisions?…

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How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. What is ‘good’ metadata?

I have talked about metadata quite a bit, which makes sense as that is on of our core technologies. In another blog I concentrated on ‘metadata truth‘. Organizations can experience a myriad of problems caused by ‘poor’ metadata.…

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Content is King – or is it?

This over-used phrase was coined by Bill Gates in 1996 (for those of you that are too young to remember). The phrase was used in an essay he wrote regarding the future of the Internet – an interesting read to see how far we have come.…

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