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Search as a Transformational Enabler

For years search has had a bad rap. Sometimes valid, sometimes due to mismanagement of content, and sometimes because of end user difficulties. All in all, it’s a combination of external factors that has made enterprise search, well, fail.…

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Search for Healthcare Professionals

Today, with the changes in the healthcare profession, the government mandates and privacy issues, healthcare professionals and providers need all the help they can get. Enter healthcare search.…

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Learning from User Behavior – Now We Will Never Be Able Find Anything

Machine learning, AI, NLP – all the buzzwords will make search better, right? Wrong, I say. Please don’t use these technologies for search. To be blunt, if a system is going to learn from my behavior, I may as well give up, as I will never be able to find anything again.…

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Concept Searching Announces Integration with Google Search Appliance

New Release of conceptClassifier to Support Google Search Appliance Now Available Due to Customer Demand

McLean, VA, US and Stevenage, UK (PRWEB) – April 17th, 2015
Concept Searching, the global leader in semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management software, and developer of the Smart Content Framework™, is pleased to announce a new release of the conceptClassifier product platform, which supports Google Search Appliance.…

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Medical Council of Canada Case Study Now Published

Achieving Intelligent Search and Classification in SharePoint

Concept Searching is pleased to announce the availability of a new case study, on the implementation of conceptClassifier for SharePoint at the Medical Council of Canada.…

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The Challenge of Cloud – Search

Search isn’t a cloud problem, it’s just a problem that never seems to go away. Several years ago, the marketplace was littered with search vendors (most of who have gone away or been acquired).…

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Concept Searching and COMPU-DATA International Webinar on How to Get Enterprise Search Right

Registration Now Open for Webinar Demonstrating the Value of Intelligent Metadata Enabled Search and Compound Term Processing on August 13th

In this webinar COMPU-DATA International and Concept Searching will demonstrate their combined offering that uses unique, language independent technology and integrated enterprise metadata repository management, to deliver intelligent metadata enabled search.…

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