Cloud Computing

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Wiki’s, Blogs, Twitter, Oh My!

From an internal only standpoint, practical social media and collaboration tools must be embedded into the business process flow rather than as an add-on application requiring more work for the end user.…

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Social Media Gone Wild

You have to feel sorry for social media marketers. The state of the industry (if you want to call it that) is a maze of confusion as depicted below. I’m quite sure the landscape is changing daily – don’t know how they’ll ever fit it on the graphic.…

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Pocket Change – Who pays the costs for a data breach in the Cloud?

Cloud computing is being aggressively marketed by major vendors such as Microsoft, Google, and Amazon as a solution with significant benefits. Although there are many benefits there are also inherent risks such as a lack of regulations, standards, and data security.…

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BIG Plans, BIG Data, BIG Brother – Who IS watching you?

Last year, the Federal Reserve announced ‘BIG plans’ for a ‘BIG data’ project to be launched in December of 2011. This ambitious social media monitoring project monitors Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, blogs, and forums.…

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And what part of 17 trillion is 17 billion?

Those numbers are too high for me to contemplate or even figure out the answer – sorry I’m mathematically challenged.

In a recent article, with the very enticing title of ‘Feds Predict $1.6 Billion in Cloud Savings, Triple OMB’s Estimate’, I’m not really sure what that means.…

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Cloud Computing – Millennials versus Boomers

A survey commissioned by Citrix, and conducted by Wakefield Research, has illustrated that adult Americans for the most part have no idea what Cloud Computing is. Most respondents believe the cloud is related to weather, while some referred to pillows, drugs and toilet paper.…

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