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Engineering Search, Collaboration

Engineering Search and Artificial Intelligence – A Match Made in Heaven

Our last few blogs have focused on engineering search, a game-changing solution for engineering professionals, enabling them to find what they need, when they need it, and for it to be relevant to the task at hand.…

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Engineering Search

Engineering Search – Does it Impact the Bottom Line? You Bet

Our last few blogs talked about our new solution for engineering search. This blog focuses on the business benefits, and makes this solution easy to justify.

I know we call it ‘engineering’ search but it really is applicable to professionals in any area of business where information is needed from a variety of sources, such as healthcare, manufacturing, human resources, or financial services.…

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The World’s Oldest Profession – Time for a Revival?

A short digression into a history lesson. Some 1,800 years ago, a man named Aristotle came up with what is now called the ‘world’s oldest profession’, taxonomies. He had the idea of a taxonomy for plants and animals.…

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If you have 10K Records, Your chance of a material data breach is 22% @ $145 per record

And, loss of brand can be expected to reach $3.3 million, the cost of a data breach is estimated at $3.5 million. Sizeable numbers, and numbers no organization will want to be liable for.…

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Semantic Metadata – do you need it, or even want it?

Simply the word metadata can make executives eyes glaze over and IT professionals refresh their coffee, grab a chair, and talk for hours. And appropriately so, to executives it’s not the nuts and bolts, but the business repercussions, ROI, and reduction in organizational risk that is their primary focus.…

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Those Golden Nuggets of Information Just Waiting to be Found

Sometimes when I am searching for information that you know is there and you just can’t find it the results are not only disappointing but highly frustrating. All organizations have some type of search tool and most have some type of enterprise content management, even rudimentary.…

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Microsoft Office 365 Integration Announced

To address the changing technology landscape to incorporate the option of cloud computing, Concept Searching has developed a unique integration with Microsoft Office 365 to incorporate the ability to transparently tag and classify content from end users.…

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conceptClassifier for SharePoint 2007 – Driving Business Outcomes

See how conceptClassifier for SharePoint 2007 improves the value of content assets through automatic semantic metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy management. This webcast shows the native integration with SharePoint and how the combined solution addresses a variety of business challenges.…

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