Successful SharePoint Stories or Tales of Woe?

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Successful SharePoint Stories or Tales of Woe?

Recently I read an article, ‘SharePoint Faces a Challenging Future’, posted on InfoWorld that references a new report from Forrester where SharePoint has come under fire as not all it’s cracked up to be. Interesting food for thought. This made me start thinking about ‘real live’ organizations many of which have their own SharePoint success stories to tell (or tales of woe). Just thought the points mentioned were worth thinking about. The article above references a new research report issued in February from Forrester. This report uses data from Forrester’s August 2012 Global SharePoint Usage Online Survey to analyze the current and likely future state of SharePoint adoption in enterprises.

Some of the observations concluded that SharePoint has a long way to go and is at a cross road. I must also emphatically state that it wasn’t all gloom and doom for SharePoint. But we are going to concentrate on the gloom and doom just for the sake of conversation. See if you agree with some of the points made by the authors.

“The gap in satisfaction between IT pros and business managers — SharePoint met the expectations of 73 percent of the former, and of 62 percent of the latter — is of concern, according to the authors.” (I actually don’t think these are necessarily negative stats. One point not made was the maturity level of the SharePoint installations – have they been up and running for years or still in some stage of deployment?)

“Dissatisfaction is centered on several areas, including adoption challenges, a dislike for the SharePoint user experience, a preference for other tools like email and skepticism over its business value.”

“At this juncture, CIOs and other IT executives should rethink the role of SharePoint in their organizations. For example, if SharePoint is used only for document collaboration, it is an expensive proposition for which more affordable options exist, according to the authors. It’s also a good idea to monitor how Yammer is integrated with SharePoint, and assess how comfortable the organization is with providing enterprise social collaboration via a cloud model. In addition, CIOs must keep a close eye on SharePoint’s mobile capabilities.”

“Dangerous competitors include IBM, Google, Jive Software, and Box. Despite its rousing success in enterprises, circumstances have changed, and SharePoint must prove its value all over again.”

So all you SharePoint aficionado’s – WDYT?

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