Sometimes you just have to shake your head. A couple of the many problems of search.

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Sometimes you just have to shake your head. A couple of the many problems of search.

Analysts, studies, surveys, consultants point to the problems of search – meaning no one can ever find what they need. Same old problem that has existed probably when search began. Management seems to be well aware of the challenges of search, understand what unstructured content is yet, most do nothing about it. There are not only pretty good search engines, there are tools, such as ours, that assist in eliminating most of the challenges with search.

Step back a minute. According to an AIIM presentation, Are You Prepared for Digital Disruption? 2015 Predictions:
• 71% of organizations search is essential, yet only 18% have cross-repository search capabilities
• 28% of organizations have not tuned or optimized their search tool at all, including 8% who have not turned it on

This is where I begin to shake my head and question if there is any gray matter left in management or IT. I’m not sure why, when the technology is readily available, that they don’t take a stab at solving basic problems. Only 18% have cross-repository search capabilities? Not productive, I’m sure it’s not user friendly, and costly to have business users wasting their time searching multiple repositories one-by-one. The second statement is why on earth would an organization think that a search engine was just plug-and-play. Many come close, but tuning and optimization can greatly improve search outcome. And finally, I did have to chuckle about the 8% who have not turned search on. Maybe they just don’t want to know the answers.

Anyone have any reasons for the above? I am clueless.

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