What If Someone’s Life Depended on a Portal?

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What If Someone’s Life Depended on a Portal?

Internal or external self-serve portals are becoming more prevalent. And why not? They are great in helpdesk, customer service, and even sales scenarios. But quite a few are end up being flops. 52% of visitors will abandon them, because they can’t find what they are looking for.

Now, what if you had to develop a healthcare portal, for cancer patients and their caregivers? Sounds challenging, doesn’t it? Also sounds like maybe you wouldn’t want to take on that project.

Moffitt Cancer Center defied the odds. They succeeded in developing a portal that worked. Their goal was to empower and educate patients, with highly-targeted and useful information specifically relevant to their conditions. Accommodating over 60,000 portal users seeking on demand, up-to-date, secure, and medically sound information was not easy to achieve.

Security issues were critical as the environment is healthcare, diverse internal and external repositories had to be available through a single search interface, and the portal needed to support a wide variety of demographics and ages. And, of course, all information had to be accurate and medically sound.

Find out more about this project here. Are you thinking developing or improving a healthcare portal?

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