Solving the Challenge of Big Data at the Department of Defense

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Solving the Challenge of Big Data at the Department of Defense

Concept Searching is now solving the challenge of extracting meaning from large repositories of unstructured content, filling the ‘Big Data’ gap with technology that addresses the problem of unstructured content. The extraction of meaning from content, scalability, and performance are the key components to address the issue. Currently working with many clients, including within the US Department of Defense, Concept Searching is successfully solving this problem.

Concept Searching is currently solving the ‘Big Data’ problem for a US Department of Defense client, with petabytes of unstructured content. Using the Smart Content Framework™ it is approaching the management of unstructured content from a highly strategic as well as tactical implementation. By implementing the Concept Searching solution it will be solving records management, compliance, data privacy, and improving search outcomes with one set of technologies. From this framework it can then harness the power of its unstructured content assets to derive knowledge capital. Other clients, in particular a global financial investment analyst firm and another an international engineering, architecture and consulting firm, are utilizing the technologies to extract value from approaching 100 terabytes or more of unstructured content.

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