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Text Mining and Analytics

Many organizations would like to perform text mining and analytics but in many cases, the resources, training, time, and costs are prohibitive. Organizations typically take the same path as big data, needing highly trained personnel, vast amounts of storage, and long development cycles which make it unreachable for those organizations without deep pockets. Deploying Concept Searching’s products and platforms brings text mining and analytics within your reach. The ability to develop a highly granular data set without irrelevant information takes at most one day which can then be used to identify risks as well as opportunities.

  • The Concept Searching Difference


    Can be performed by a Subject Matter Expert


    Captures content based on your parameters


    Ability to remove irrelevant information to reduce the size of the data set and increase accuracy by eliminating noise

    With the overabundance of information, organizations are often at a loss on how to derive high quality information from unstructured and semi-structured content. The analysis of content can be used to depict trends, identify risk, assist in research, or identify opportunities. Concept Searching is highly efficient at creating the content set to be analyzed and removing irrelevant and unnecessary information. Easily developed, highly granular taxonomies capture the unique meanings within content. When the taxonomy has been finely tuned the content can be exported to the tool of your choice for analysis

  • Concept Searching


    Would the ability to aggregate related content to improve decision making or provide insight be of value?


    Do you feel that text analytics is too expensive, no personnel to spare for training, and just too complicated?


    Do you ever provide or submit information that is incomplete or has gaps in it?


    Is there information that you know exists but you or your staff are unable to retrieve it, without significant effort, if at all?


    Has the expense and technical issues surrounding text analytics made it unachievable for your organization?
    Key Benefits

    Concept Searching product platforms analyze and extract highly correlated concepts from very large document collections. Before text analysis, the products can be used to narrow the data set to include highly granular information, remove irrelevant content, and noise. Initial content can include duplications, records that were never declared, information that would be considered a data privacy violation. On the other hand, information that is related and inter-related will also be identified, generating a far richer base from which analysis can occur. After creating a manageable data set, Subject Matter Experts can easily create a taxonomy on the fly to further refine the content set for analysis. Using standard reporting tools, the information can be rapidly generated for analysis. The valuable insight gained can be used to improve information transparency, identify opportunities, reduce risk, and improve decision making.

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    • An intuitive natural language taxonomy can be rapidly deployed to include the concepts, subjects, or any parameters to be identified from your corpus of information for analysis
    • Compound term metadata consisting of multi-word terms that represent a concept, topic, or subject are surfaced providing more accurate content for analysis
    • Can refine the content to exclude content such as duplicates, erroneous information, information that contains privacy data, or optionally include any information that is missing
    • Refining the text content set, provides highly granular information that is unique to the analysis
    • Using standard reporting tools knowledge professionals can perform a detailed analysis of the content providing insights for decision making
    Concept Searching