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Semantic Search

We have radically changed the standard for enterprise search. Using compound term processing – a unique, adaptive, and scalable technology, which generates semantic metadata – search results deliver insight into content, by automatically grouping similar users, subjects, and relationships, by the identification of related concepts. The end result is a consistent understanding of the precise meaning and context of information.

  • The Concept Searching Difference


    Enables concept searching


    Eliminates tagging


    Delivers relevancy and precision

  • Manual tagging is still the primary approach to tag content, which is subjective at best and often lacks any alignment to the enterprise goals or mission. Organizations are beginning to recognize that search is not a stand-alone technology, but must be integrated with business processes as a key infrastructure component. Regardless of your search engine the ability to generate conceptual metadata at source either when it is created or ingested results in the delivery of highly relevant and accurate information. Providing the enriched metadata to the search engine index search applications, eDiscovery, FOIA requests, and collaboration are significantly improved.

  • Concept Searching


    Finally ready to take control of your enterprise content, and improve how to uncover and use your knowledge assets?


    Looking for a solution that immediately improves search outcomes, rapidly deployed and easily managed?


    Would you like to increase the ability for end users to find what they are looking for, and only what they are looking for?


    Realized that end users do not tag content consistently, accurately, and do not follow enterprise processes, which means inaccurate and unusable search results?
    Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    Concept Searching is a proven vendor in highly sophisticated search software, and well known for automatic generation of compound term metadata, auto-classification, and taxonomy software. For the past 15 years, these capabilities have been available as core components of our technology, and they remain unique in the marketplace. The conceptClassifier platform is used by companies around the world to transform their content into knowledge assets. In use as an enterprise or website search solution, its ability to extract concepts in context has proven to meet the most rigorous search requirements.

    Solving the inadequacies in Search  Request a Demo
    • Achieves high precision and high recall, and retrieves phrases and concepts, correctly weighting them to improve search results
    • Eliminates end user tagging and generates high quality multi-term metadata that can be used for any application that requires metadata
    • Integrates with any search engine, any application, and any environment, leveraging your investment
    • Provides navigational search based on taxonomy nodes, supporting both location and discovery search, with no degradation of relevance
    • Easy to use and deploy, designed for subject-matter experts, rapidly implemented, with no end user training required
    • conceptTaxonomyManager is highly interactive, works in real time, and offers feedback, reducing traditional taxonomy development time by 80 percent
    • Fully integrated with the SharePoint and the SharePoint Online Term Store, where changes are simultaneous and bisynchronous
    • Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), generically identifies people, locations, and company names within document text
    Concept Searching