Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions for Records Management

Automating the identification tagging and classification of documents of record leads to effective records management.

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Records Management

The burden of consistency and accuracy in the identification and declaration of records by end users is no longer a viable option to successfully manage records. The continual proliferation of content being created and consumed across the enterprise contributes to the challenges faced by records managers on a daily basis. Eliminating these challenges enables records managers to improve processes, define operational and strategic improvements, and ensure an organization’s legal obligations are met.

  • The Concept Searching Difference


    Eliminate end user tagging


    Automatically declare records


    Automate processes

    There is often a disconnect between senior level management and the actual enforcement of policy. Successful records management and policy enforcement must include not only records management professionals but also human resources, compliance, legal, and ultimately the end user. Concept Searching can identify infractions, non-compliance, and risk the results can achieve many benefits in records identification and enforcing policies. Compliance and content lifecycle management can be accomplished through the automatic enforcement of policy, to ensure consistency, and can be implemented transparently, resulting in improved record keeping, monitoring, and auditing processes.

    Concept Searching


    Do you think it’s impossible to achieve accurate and reliable end user tagging of documents of record?


    Do you know how many records are incorrectly tagged and so can’t be found when you need them?


    What if you could automatically tag and declare a document of record without user intervention?


    Do you know the costs associated with fixing documents, or even finding documents, that have not been declared as records, are incorrectly tagged, so are unable to be archived for compliance and litigation?
    Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    Identify not only descriptors but phrases and concepts that are associated with the document record type, auto-change the content type if required, and route to your records management application. No end user intervention required, unless authorized. It’s as simple as that.

    The ROI of Records Identification and Tagging Request a Demo
    • Creates virtual centralization by linking disparate content repositories on-premises and online
    • Provides transparent information governance through elimination of end user adoption issues and erroneous entry
    • Automates document workflow to either the SharePoint Records Center or to your records management application, for storage, preservation, access, and usage controls
    • Assists in the management of content by identifying records, as well as content, that should be archived or contains sensitive information