Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions for Migration

Intelligent content migration understands what you are moving, where it should go, and why it impacts your organization.

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Intelligent Migration

Human efforts are time-consuming, costly, and prone to error. The forklift approach merely transfers risk from one platform to another. Intelligent content migration offers an opportunity to clean up data that has no value, is noncompliant, and can be held against you in eDiscovery. The ability to understand the concepts in documents, and the relationships among documents, gives you the ability to focus on managing your content after migration, not just moving it.

  • The Concept Searching Difference


    Identify high value content


    Effective content lifecycle management


    Enable enterprise content management

    Concept Searching enables intelligent automatic classification decisions during and after migration. These decisions enhance organizational performance and drive down costs, but more importantly enforce corporate and legal compliance guidelines. For organizations with medium to large free text document collections, migration is no trivial matter and cannot be performed by human effort alone. After the migration, one or more of the taxonomies can be used to enable concept based searching and for enterprise content management.

  • Concept Searching


    Are you looking for a solution that reduces migration costs, time, errors, testing, and resources?


    Are you worried about the volume of content to migrate, and if it still has value, contains information that should be deleted or archived, can be used against you in eDiscovery, or is noncompliant?


    Do you need a solution that is flexible in its ability to migrate unstructured and semi-structured data from diverse repositories?


    After migration, would it be of value to improve search, records management, and minimize the chance of a data breach?
    Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    Automatically generate multi-term metadata, auto-classify documents based on concepts, topic, or subject, to one or more taxonomies, and easily identify and manage high value content and content of no value. Develop a metadata repository to be used after migration, to improve any application that requires the use of metadata.

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    • Secure and compliant document migration
    • Enforced governance and reduced costs associated with litigation, PII breaches, non-compliance and federal guidelines
    • Automatic monitoring for sensitive documents
    • Automatic locking down or removal of sensitive documents during the migration process
    • Consistent tagging of content
    • Efficient automated migration of large volume projects
    • Proven high performance architecture for throughput, multi taxonomy, multi site requirements
    • Accurate, consistent and automatic classification using conceptClassifier for SharePoint
    • Comprehensive integration with the SharePoint Enterprise Metadata Manager, writing directly to the Term Store locations
    • Complementary to general migration tools
    • After migration, use the taxonomy hierarchies to provide guided navigation by concepts, and enable concept based searching, significantly improving search outcomes
    Concept Searching