Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions for Mergers and Acquisitions

A merger or acquisition requires careful planning and thought. It is ineffective when you don’t fully understand what needs to be merged.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

An effective and well planned mergers and acquisition strategy is essential for productive infrastructures, data, content, processes, and resources. The role of IT integration can determine success or failure. Technologies that can be easily aligned with your specific methodology and business processes are needed to address complexity, costs, and time available. All stakeholders have their own business processes and methodologies that somehow need to be understood and then incorporated. It’s a challenge, which takes time, people, and money.

  • The Concept Searching Difference


    Data retention and compliance


    Reduced time to onboard products and people, reducing cost and increasing revenue


    Shortens time to market, increases customer satisfaction, reduces risk

    The mergers and acquisitions process is complicated. Issues relating to data privacy, security, eDiscovery, and compliance have to be identified and resolved. Complications increase when products and services are limited to geographic regions, and each must comply with regional legal codes and laws. Concept Searching technologies aid in identifying and consolidating both unstructured and semi-structured data, can be rapidly deployed and easily used, and deliver great value. Automatically generated compound term metadata from merging content repositories, can be auto-classified to multiple taxonomies where the output can be easily identified and validated for accuracy.

  • Concept Searching


    How will you handle the migration, integration, and prioritization of unrelated content, from multiple and diverse repositories?


    Has an operational plan been developed to address data privacy, non-compliance, and eDiscovery exposures?


    Are you looking for a solution that can ensure security rights to content assets for personnel, third parties, and stakeholders?


    How will you address assets that should be archived for historical purposes or deleted?
    If products and services are only available in certain geographies, how will you segregate business lines and ensure legal, regional, and federal requirements are met?
    Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    With a single Concept Searching solution, you can manage, retain and control unstructured and semi-structured data throughout the information lifecycle, to deliver measurable benefits across your new enterprise. Concept Searching provides a consistent technology that can be scaled across diverse applications, content repositories, file systems, operating systems, and hardware platforms. The resulting metadata enterprise framework provides significant benefits after the merger or acquisition, through concept-based searching capabilities, records identification, real-time identification of security data or confidential information, content management, and ongoing content optimization.

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    • Auto-classification of content and normalizing of vocabularies reduce training requirements and time to onboard new personnel, while increasing productivity and customer service
    • Rapid taxonomy development and interactive, real-time feedback align geographies, products, and sales teams, reducing time to market, improving customer satisfaction, and increasing revenue
    • Automatic identification of data exposures, security issues, and noncompliance data, using easily created and managed rules, reduces corporate risk
    • Eliminates manual tagging or segregation of documents by end users – ensuring the accuracy of merged data and the creation of a metadata infrastructure, to onboard personnel and products quickly, improve productivity, and increase revenue
    • Addresses the entire scope of mergers or acquisitions, including coexistence, absorption, best of breed, and transformation
    Concept Searching