Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions for Education

Education is rapidly changing. The existing paradigm is quickly eroding and organizations must become proactive and committed to the future. No longer can they stay abreast of change but must embrace it.

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  • Overcoming the Tumultuous Challenges in Higher Education

    Curriculum design, student retention, new technologies, quality of learning, teaching, widening student participation, quality of research, funding, governance, and management are key challenges facing the education sector. Along with operational and learning challenges, the student population represents diverse demographics and experience, rendering the profile of the typical student a blur. Technologies that can increase the capacity of an educator to connect students to content, context, and community is growing more challenging due to infrastructure, commitment to a traditional curriculum only, and strong management support.

  • The Concept Searching Difference


    Aggregates content from diverse repositories and internal and external sources


    Out of the box concept based Search


    Data cleansing and analytics


    Content management & workflow capabilities

  • Many higher education facilities struggle to stay equal with rapidly changing technologies. Rising expectations from faculty, staff, and students are resulting in dissatisfaction. Some school districts have taken the step outside of the box to teach real world problem solving building non-cognitive, social-emotional skills. In today’s environment support for web, mobile, social channels, collaboration, and communities of interest are expected. Obsolete IT environments, traditional curriculum, and a lack of strong leadership all contribute to the inability to easily deliver innovative digital experiences. Concept Searching offers flexible, scalable, affordable platforms that power education.

  • Concept Searching


    Do you feel your infrastructure is capable of delivering the right information, in the right context, to the right person?


    Is building non-cognitive, confidence, and social skills a benefit to teachers and peers when implementing technologies?


    Are you looking for a content management, information governance, data privacy, or compliance solution that is easy to use and deploy?


    Would automatic generation of compound term metadata and elimination of tagging be useful to improve the accuracy and findability of your content for collaboration or research?


    Are you interested in using the same technology across the enterprise environment including in the cloud and on-premises?


    Do you believe your environment creates opportunities for authentic and deeper learning?
    Key Features

    Key Features

    Concept Searching provides automatic compound term metadata generation, auto-classification, and taxonomy tools. The technologies are used to improve search, records management, data privacy, security, data cleansing, migration, and text analytics. One set of technologies that can be deployed across the institution and provide the same functionality in any environment, on any platform.

    Technology Benefits
    • Eliminates end user tagging with compound term processing, enabling true concept based searching
    • Extracts content from disparate systems providing a single view of content
    • Taxonomies and workflow are managed by Subject Matter Experts, not IT
    • The products are quickly deployed and easily used by business users
    • Permissions and security are respected and can be managed at the functional level or the organizational level, supports federated and hybrid search
    • Workflows can be activated when content is ingested, created, or changed
    • Intelligent migration capabilities
    • Organizing content in a hierarchy of similar subjects expands the students access to relevant information
    • Concept based search, retrieves inter-related information that may not even contain the search words used
    • conceptTaxonomyManager delivers website and content governance, identifies data privacy exposures, and noncompliance instances
    • Automated workflows can eliminate publishing delays, bottlenecks, and identify stale, inaccurate, and contradictory content
    • Provides a streamlined way to make publishing content as simple as possible with as little training as possible
    • Maximized cost efficiency with flexible operating environments in the cloud or on-premise
    • Effective management of risk and compliance
    Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    With increasing online, distance, part-time, and flexible learning schedules, information must be available and accessible 24/7. Information Literacy (IL) is one of major causes of underutilization of electronic information that is eliminated with concept based searching as the technologies are not based on end user search skills.

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