Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions for Legal and eDiscovery

Dramatically improve search speed and accuracy with search technologies that aggregate concepts, topics, subjects, and unknown relationships in your unique corpus of content.

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  • Legal and eDiscovery

    eDiscovery and litigation support costs continue to soar, as does the number of cases. It is no longer feasible to reduce costs when the consumption of information is overwhelming, which makes risk a reality.  Agility can be achieved by eliminating ineffective processes and erroneous, inaccurate search results. Through compound term metadata generation and auto-classification, the identification of multi-term concepts, topics, subjects, relationships, and vocabulary normalization all become automated processes.

  • The Concept Searching Difference


    Information governance


    Precise and relevant results


    Accurate, accessible, and trustworthy content assets

    The legal and eDiscovery sector is struggling. Overcome by the sheer amount of information, traditional methods of accomplishing tasks no longer work effectively and are becoming too costly. Most organizations are looking for the greatest new technology to meet their challenges, reduce costs, and increase efficiency and accuracy. Although many technologies hold promise, it is the here and now that needs to be addressed. Concept Searching delivers on the promise today. The technologies integrate with any search engine, to make concept-based searching a reality. Find seemingly unrelated content that actually does share similar attributes. Protect confidential information because of what is contained within the document. Take the worry out of managing content – we don’t just organize it, we give meaning to it.


    Is search related to eDiscovery and litigation support not delivering business value and reducing risk?


    Are you able to aggregate all content assets related to a case?


    Would greater transparency and oversight help balance quality and cost control with compliance?


    Do you believe you have a solid, all-encompassing, strategic and operational information governance plan that achieves your organizational goals?
    Key Features

    Key Features

    The legal and eDiscovery industry, corporate and professional, is experiencing the strain of managing and tracking every content asset that may be used during litigation. Our technologies provide the automatic extraction of multi-term conceptual metadata. Classifying key documents by type, subject or custodian reduces costs, risks, and time.

    Core Technology
    • Provides the ability to find hidden relationships between content for review, even if not contained in the search query
    • Reduces the time spent aggregating content from diverse information and application repositories across the enterprise
    • Eliminates manual tagging, except by authorized users, and supports multiple search techniques with minimal training
    • Can be used to develop and deploy a comprehensive information governance plan to address legal, records management, and compliance issues
    • Eliminates end user tagging and replaces it with multi-term metadata that represents concepts
    • Finds hidden relationships between content, and identifies relevant information that may not contain the search criteria
    • Supports multiple search techniques, eliminates repetitive searches, and provides navigational aids
    • Reduces the time spent aggregating content from diverse information repositories, residing on-premises, offsite, or in the cloud