Data Privacy

Solving the Problem of Data at Risk

Data Privacy CostsWhat are the costs of data at risk? The average cost per exposed record is $197 and ranges from $90 to $305.   From a brand perspective, a security breach can reduce the value of your brand by 17%-31%. Worse yet, 70% of breaches are due to mistake or malicious intent by the organization’s own staff.

Concept Searching product platforms coupled with our Smart Content Framework™ provide the tools that proactively identify unknown privacy exposures as they are created or ingested. Content can be consumed from a variety of sources including scanned, faxed, emails, web sites, SharePoint, or any repository. The product platforms not only identify standard descriptors, such as a social security number but also any organizationally defined vocabulary that is unique to the organization. As exposures are identified they are automatically routed to a secure repository to prevent unauthorized access and portability.

Data Privacy LogoThe business imperatives driving these issues are:

  • Inability to identify all possible privacy exposures at the time of content creation or ingestion
  • Lack of end user compliance to accurately tag and segregate content ensure that privacy data is not available for general access and protected accordingly
  • Lack of governance to enforce the tagging of confidential information by end users



  • Inability to identify privacy data from diverse repositories, email and fax servers, test servers, scanned documents, and aggregate them for review and disposition
  • No standard tool to use to address aspects of data security that are unique to the organization
  • Inability to automatically identify exposure risks in real time

Cyber security, data privacy, confidential information exposures, and breaches are very real issues facing all organizations. Add up the costs, the chance of a security breach may seem remote, but if it occurs, the ramifications can be significant.

Organizations must deploy more proactive oversight for all potential data exposures to minimize organizational risk and ensure the safety and security of nonpublic information.  The key is to minimize, and ideally eliminate a security breach and identify the exposed record(s) in real-time as content is created or ingested.


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Concept Searching