Functions Available in Semantic Search

If you are looking for more than ‘just’ semantic search, below are the features available to take semantic search to the next level.

We don’t take away all management of search, eliminating sophisticated tuning, with you being held at the mercy of the search engine. We don’t expect you to pay for consultants to maintain the solution or require your IT staff to learn a new language. Designed for Subject Matter Experts, the technology is easy-to-use, unique in the marketplace, yet provides highly robust taxonomy management functions.

For more information on a specific feature please use the hover function over the specific Feature/Function.

Feature/Function Semantic Search Features
Taxonomy Functionality
SOA Compliant yes
Industry Standards yes
Taxonomy Rollback yes
Multi-language yes
Text mining to identify candidate terms yes
Relationship Definition yes
Concept Mapping yes
Taxonomy Navigation yes-
Import, combine, organize and harmonize taxonomy models yes
Polyhierarchy Support yes
Folksonomy Support yes
Distributed taxonomy management yes
Synonym support yes
Instant feedback on taxonomy changes, dynamic screen updating yes
Controlled Vocabularies yes
Ability to automatically suggest classification clues for taxonomies yes
Security yes
Microsoft Integration yes
Native integration with the SharePoint Term Store with no need to import/export yes (index and classify)
Managed by Subject Matter Experts yes
Highly Scalable yes
Rapidly Deployed yes
Manual Tagging yes
Automatic tagging of content from diverse repositories, web sites, content management systems yes
Classification as content is created or ingested yes
Classification to one or more nodes in one or more taxonomies yes
Classifies all unstructured and semi-structured from content, libraries, blogs, wikis, and threads lists yes
Rich Web indexing support yes
Compound Term Indexing Engine embedded within conceptClassifier and conceptTaxonomyManager yes
Automatic generation of compound terms yes
Keyword Search yes
Concept based searching yes
Property/Entity Extraction yes
Relevance Ranking yes
Similar Results yes
Dynamic Summarization yes
Dynamic Clustering yes
Taxonomy and faceted navigation yes
Text preview capability yes
Related topics by taxonomy node yes
Single integrated view of content yes
Vocabulary normalization yes
Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions
Records Identification yes
Data privacy and information security yes
Taxonomy workflow yes
Intelligent migration yes
Concept Searching
Concept Searching