Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions

Solving More Than One Business Challenge At A Time

Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions represent the primary output from our Smart Content Framework™ and our award winning technologies. What makes them unique? They all share the same technology components and address metadata challenges at the business process level as well as the enterprise level.

The core technology available in all platforms is automatic semantic metadata generation, or the identification of concepts in context using our still unique compound term processing technology. Auto-classification from diverse repositories coupled with taxonomy management designed for the subject matter expert, our intelligent metadata enabled solutions are rapidly deployed and easily managed.

What can you expect?

  • An Enterprise Metadata Repository
  • Concept based search using any search engine
  • Automatic records declaration and routing of records
  • Elimination of data breaches or confidential exposures
  • Intelligent migration
  • Reduced eDiscovery, litigation support, and FOIA processing time, and costs
  • Text analytics at a granular level
  • A framework for social networking applications
  • Improved collaboration and communication


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