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Enterprise Metadata Repository

An enterprise metadata repository is out of reach for most organizations. With most metadata generated by end users the accuracy is highly questionable and risky business to use it to make business decisions. Yet, metadata holds the key to improving applications such as records management, data security, search, compliance, and the list goes on. Instead, valuable IT resources, applications that don’t quite work, and erroneous information proliferates throughout the enterprise. Even the most basic tasks such as search is hampered by a lack of consistent and accurate terminology that reflects your corpus of information. Don’t know where to start? We do.

  • The Concept Searching Difference


    Eliminate end user tagging


    Automatically generate compound term metadata


    Rapidly deploy taxonomies that are highly granular

    An enterprise metadata repository makes information governance achievable. By capturing the rich meaning of concepts in multi-word terms and understanding the concepts within content enables content to be found when classified. The taxonomy component was designed for ease-of-use and a Subject Matter Expert to fine tune the taxonomy nodes to be as granular or broad as your requirements.

  • Concept Searching


    Would it be beneficial to have one technology that can improve multiple applications in any environment?
    Would the ability to eliminate end user tagging and automate enterprise processes and policies in the background assist in your information governance efforts?


    Is ease of use, rapid deployment, and immediate benefits important to you?


    Is the surfacing of intelligent content in context at the point of need important for decision making?
    Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    A metadata repository requires more than syntactic metadata and requiring end users to add metadata is haphazard and subjective at best. Compound term metadata can be automatically generated when content is created or ingested. The technology extracts compound terms from a document or corpus of documents that are highly correlated to a particular topic. These terms are used to generate non-subjective metadata based on an understanding of conceptual meaning. The metadata transforms the content into actionable knowledge enabling intelligent content in context to be delivered at the point of need.

    Technology Benefits  Request a Demo
    • Enables the implementation of enterprise wide processes and policies to be implemented, typically without end user participation
    • Significantly improves search by providing the rich multi-word metadata to any search engine index transforming it to concept based searching with no user training
    • Potential data breaches are proactively identified in any environment, through the definition of rules specifying what is confidential to your organization, and to route it to a secure repository, remove it from search, and prevent portability
    • Migration is greatly simplified with a twofold benefit. Before and during migration documents can be classified to a taxonomy hierarchy. After migration that same hierarchy can be used for the enterprise metadata repository
    • Collaboration and the sharing of information can be controlled so no internal or external stakeholder accesses information they are not authorized to view
    • eDiscovery can be accomplished more quickly because of the concept based search capabilities and the ability to identify related documents even if the search words were not used
    Concept Searching