Intelligent Metadata Enabled Solutions for Engineering Search

Search results in less than two seconds, from any structured or unstructured data source, to any device, at the point of need.

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Enterprise-wide Secure Engineering Search

When you search, you want all relevant information delivered immediately, regardless of its format or where it resides. Avoid missing information, reworking content, and potential errors, by finding what you are looking for, the first time, every time.

  • The Concept Searching Difference


    Find all relevant structured, semi-structured, and unknown content, in any format


    Avoid reworking content and missing information


    Locate expertise and knowledge assets

    Engineering search is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Information gathering from diverse sources, applications, and internal and external repositories is critical to accomplishing projects, as is the need to reduce both risk and the reworking of content. Partial information results are not good enough. Yet most search engines deliver exactly that, and are not tailored to an engineering professionals’ search requirements, which are to make search a transparent process, without multiple query iterations, delivering results that can be relied upon. Eliminate the uncertainty that all relevant information has not been retrieved, and be confident that inter-related information has been surfaced.

  • Concept Searching


    Are you frustrated with spending time using iterative search techniques, on multiple repositories, to aggregate relevant information?


    Are deadlines forcing you to make do with irrelevant information, which impacts productivity and makes reworking content necessary?


    Are you at a loss when looking for experienced colleagues and leveraging corporate memory?


    Would one interface with all the information you are looking for be beneficial?
    Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

    Concept Searching has built a solid reputation for advanced search technologies, using compound term processing capabilities that are still unique. The ability to generate content in context not only delivers effective search and eDiscovery capabilities, but also provides tools to analyze, visualize, and apply artificial intelligence to normalized structured and unstructured content within your organization, securely and in real time.

    Generating multi-term metadata and auto-classifying content against one or more taxonomies, the technologies are automatically in line with the unique nomenclature of your organization. By leveraging a single search index platform that unifies content, our solutions can display, analyze, and visualize a globally managed and neutralized set of structured and unstructured content, eliminating the shortfalls of enterprise search.

    This delivers an unprecedented and unified view of all content, to which each engineer has access so that all related engineering artifacts can be searched, across any and all content sources. Content sources can include file shares, collaboration platforms, internal and external websites, PLM, CAD, and SCM systems, as well as custom databases and applications.  Platform-agnostic, easily installed, and rapidly deployed, the technologies have become the solution of choice for organizations that place a high value on knowledge assets, where access to information is a key organizational success factor.

    • Inject innovation and global reuse into the design process, and share best practices and lessons learned
    • Reach content and people worldwide, to enable the creation of uniform global design practices, lessons learned, and work streams
    • Increase flexibility and bring together dispersed project teams and employees, securely
    • Decrease time to market through faster decision making
    • Reduce wasted investment and operational cost
    • Accelerate future design, manufacturing, and quality or warranty tracking processes
    • Future-proof your flexibility, to support changing business needs and mitigate risk
    • Eradicate duplication of efforts, when teams work in silos, unaware of similar or related initiatives
    • Aggregate and normalize structured, unstructured, and semi-structured content into a single interface, to improve productivity and capture all relevant data
    • Respect inherent platform security, ensuring users have access to only authorized content
    • Provide and manage an environment for sharing and securely collaborating, leveraging intellectual capital
    Concept Searching